Luxury maternity

Royal maternity concept by Wisteria Creation

Luxury maternity dresses are created starting from a customized maternity corset. From the year 1500 when Caterina de Medici introducted to the royal court the first elegant corset, all women in the world loved them, weard one ore desired one. Because corsets now means elegance, means sensuality, they are made with lace fabric, decorations, pearls, beads, and they have nothing to do with one time constraints and pain. Wisteria maternity corset has a soft structure around the belly and a padded bra . Every corset dress is unique and adaptable ti different sizes.

wisteria corset

rhinestones and flower lace

wisteria royal corset

flower gold lace and pearls

wisteria royal corset

pearls, gold lace and rhinestones